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Toronto - Canada

EC Foods is a Food Trading Company established to promote the best products from Ecuador to the Canadian market.  EC Foods was established in Toronto in 2011 to source high end goods to the Canadian public, amongst which are a wide range of natural, organic and healthy products.

EC Foods builds direct business relationships with growers and producers to facilitate business interactions with Canadian distributors, retailers and direct consumers by ensuring great communication, traceability, and providing access to competitive prices.  EC Foods is the direct point of contact for all those products currently represented in the Canadian market. 

Our Mission  

E stablish strategic partnerships with the best suppliers & buyers in the industry 

C reate business opportunities based on current market needs

F acilitate the connection between buyers and suppliers

O pen new doors and mantain long-term relationships

O versee the entire commercial process

D eliver positive results 

S atisfy the needs of the market

Business Philosophy and Sustainability

All of our products pride themselves on having the highest quality standards both for local and international supply; being produced by South American companies that have a social and environmental project married to their production; and are enjoying a successful presence locally, and growing exponentially in international markets. 

Canadians are amongst the most educated food consumers in the world.  They pride themselves for making healthy conscious decisions and supporting sustainable growth processes.  It is not only a Canadian philosophy but a movement that is being practiced in different parts of the world.  EC Foods is part of that fast growing movement by supplying healthy and sustainable options.

Our Partners

Why sourcing products from Ecuador ?

Ecuador possesses great ethnic, racial and linguistic diversity. It is populated by more than twelve indigenous peoples, each with their own language, and Afro-Ecuadorian and mestizo populations.

Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse territories on earth. Situated on the Equator and lying crosswise north to south over the Andes Mountain Range, in just five hours it is possible to travel from snowy mountains (some over 5.000 meters above sea level) to the humid tropical forests of the Amazon, or to dry tropical forests at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to Ecuador’s various ecosystems, unique in the world, the 256,370km2 of territory have a great variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, and seafood, which could adequately nourish the population.

When navigating the Pacific Ocean on the Equator Line one finds the Galapagos Islands, located 1.000 km from the continent. The islands have been declared a Natural Heritage Site for Humanity for its unique flora and fauna.

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