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White Quinoa


Ecuador is the 3rd largest producer of Quinoa in the World.

Ecuador’s location on the Equatorial line (latitude 0) lends us a unique position to receive perfect luminosity. Direct sunlight that our crops receive during the entire day is enviable.  Ecuador is recognized globally for it’s diversity and privileged microclimates. In the presence of the Andes Mountain range, the Amazon Basin, Volcanics oils and the Pacific Ocean which generate unique microclimates making it a country ideal for cultivating high quality Quinoa.

The variety of Quinoa seed that is native to Ecuador is called Tunkahuan and is known as a “sweet variety.” The natural state of Quinoa has a bitter coating called Saponin which is unpaletable. Tunkahuan has only 1% or less of Saponin in comparison to the varieties grown in Peru and Bolivia which are 5% or higher.

This gives us an added advantage since the process of washing of our Quinoa to remove the Saponin is minimal, where rich and valuable nutrients are not lost in the process.


  • Net Weight: 25 kg
  • Kind of Packing: Double Linen Polypropylene Bags


Our quinoa is grown in Ecuador.

Minimum order: 20 MT                                                                                                                                                       

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